Goodwill 2013 Annual Report

Working to transform the community into one in which all indivuals have the opportunity to work.

Goodwill works to Transform the Community into One in which All Individuals have the Opportunity to Work


  • Goodwill Helped Nearly 40,000 in 2013

    Goodwill staff provided basic services and referrals to organizations that provide unique social support services to 31,379 individuals. Job readiness, skills training, case management and placement services were provided to 6,356 new participants and staff helped 2,532 individuals obtain employment, a new record for Goodwill. The average wages for those who were hired was $9.32.

    Over 2,500 Get Jobs with Goodwill’s Assistance

    2,532 individuals were able to obtain a job in 2013 with the help of Goodwill.

    Goodwill Supports Nearly 600 Businesses to Solve Labor Shortages

    Goodwill partnered with 600 businesses in 2013 to provide job ready candidates to match labor demands.

    Goodwill Provided On the Job Retail Training for 270 Participants

    Through the Transitional Work Program, 270 participants acquired paid on the job training and work experience.

    Goodwill Provided New Services for Senior Citizens Living in Poverty

    Goodwill was awarded a grant for a Department of Labor “Seniors in Community Service Employment Program” in Harford and Cecil Counties. Thirty one individuals aged 55 and older who are living at or below the national poverty level are provided with job readiness and placement services.

    Goodwill Gave Youth Skills Certifications

    Forty one students earned their National Retail Federation Customer Service certification from Goodwill’s Youth Merchandising Program. Nearly two-thirds of participants obtained jobs, enrolled at a post-secondary educational institution or enlisted in the military.

    One Third of New Employees Were Hired From Goodwill’s Programs

    A third of Goodwill’s 241 new employees hired in 2013 were program graduates.

    Volunteers Supported Goodwill

    Over 16,000 hours of service were donated to Goodwill by volunteers throughout Maryland.

    A Thanksgiving to Remember

    2,100 of our neighbors in Baltimore and Annapolis received a Thanksgiving meal and connections to 25+ community partners.

  • Nearly 2 Million Shoppers Love Goodwill

    Over 1.8 million individuals shopped in our stores, an increase of over 24,000 from 2012.

    Nearly 1 Million Donations in 2013

    Over 959,702 contributors donated to one of Goodwill’s donation centers, an increase of 7%.

    Corporate Donations Increased

    Over 29 corporations donated to Goodwill in 2013, including Gardiners Furniture, Marriott Hotel, Lord Baltimore Hotel, BWI and GBMC.

    Goodwill Recycled Over 450,000 Pounds of Computers & Equipment

    472,694 pounds of computers and electronics components were collected through the Dell Computer Recycling Program.

    Goodwill Kept Our Environment Cleaner

    Goodwill was able to divert more than 33.6 million pounds of goods from going to landfills.

    Shopper Rewards Programs Were Created

    Customers can now join a mobile text program, The Bonus Club, and can Round Up their purchase at the register.

  • Zero Cleaning Deficiencies for the 12th Year

    Goodwill celebrated another year of zero deductions for cleaning deficiencies in 2013 at all of its contract sites.

    154 Individuals With Severe Disabilities Received On the Job Training & Counseling

    Training and counseling services were provided at the Social Security Administration, Fort Meade Army Post, US Coast Guard and the Environmental Protection Agency.

    Goodwill Cleans Up

    Goodwill’s Contracts Division cleaned 120 buildings in 2013.

    New Custodial Contract in Woodlawn

    Goodwill was awarded a new custodial contract at the Social Security Administration complex in Woodlawn, MD. The new contract will provide training opportunities for 15 individuals with severe disabilities.